Paid RM41k to Call Off Wedding & She Took It!

Paid RM41k to Call Off Wedding & She Took It!

by Mitchell W.

They say money can't buy everything...even true Love -- but who daheck believes that anyway??

Here's a life lesson for all you Young Lovebirds to Know by Heart -- Marriage doesn't work without in-laws' Blessings.


A woman was bribed with $10,000 (RM41,276) by her "in-laws" to call off the wedding to their son -- just cause they didn't like her.

Sounds like a typical Hollywood movie doesn't it?


Apparently it was cause she was Cuban...

“They made it very clear that they thought I was not worthy of him and for the years I dated him they treated me like a sub-human. This never bothered me. I loved him and thought we could get through this. He never seemed to really care what they said about me either,” she said.

"My ex comes from a very traditional Asian family who immigrated here right after his birth. Both of his parents are extremely successful in their careers and make a ton of money. So when he brought me, a Cuban girl, home to his parents they did not accept me,” she added.

So why did she take the money then if she loved him so much??

“After we got engaged I began to realise that he’s not too different from his parents. In the year that we were engaged he became extremely controlling. He wanted to know where I was almost every moment of the day, at one point he even said after we are married he wants to schedule out my day so he knows where I am at all times.”

“I distanced myself from him emotionally for some time now and have been holding off till I felt ready. That was until last week when his mum called me out of nowhere and wanted to meet up behind my ex’s back to ‘talk’.”

“We met and had lunch. During this time they made it clear they knew me and my ex were having trouble. They told me they didn’t like me, they knew I hated them, and that we would probably never be amicable. They ‘saw how unhappy both of us were and that it would probably be best if we broke up’. They then offered me 10,000 dollars to break up with my ex. To help me ‘get over him’.”

...and she was already planning on breaking up with him anyway, why not get Paid at the same time right? After all...she was Offered...

“Yup. Think of it as an ‘A--hole Tax.”

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