Libresse Launches "Get Your Fit" Campaign @ Publika Today.

Libresse Launches "Get Your Fit" Campaign @ Publika Today.

by Gen Yeo

Today (18 JUNE 2019), Libresse launched its "Get Your Fit" campaign at The Joke Factory, Publika Shopping Gallery -- aiming to fit every woman, unique to their own shapes and curves.

As women are challenged to find the right fit in every aspect of their lives, from clothing to shoes, Libresse believes that sanitary pads are no different.

 The notable personalities of the campaign were two empowering women- actress Sharifah Amani and comedian Filzah Awok.

Sharifah Amani shared some of her experiences as a woman in the entertainment industry, emphasizing that women should not feel the need to conform to norms, everyone is different.

"What people think of you is none of your business, do not lose yourself", which further enforced Libresse objective to empowering women.

Filzah Awok brought up the challenges and insecurities that a woman had to go through when puberty hits.

A period is no laughing matter, but Filzah brought up the taboo topic in the midst of light-hearted humour.

As a leading sanitary pad brand, Libresse took a lot of care into customizing the most accurate fit to achieve a maximised comfort and security against leakage.

Libresse sanitary pads were designed with patented SecureFit™ technology and Deep Flow Channels which efficiently negates most discomforts that a woman may experience during the time of the month.

Libresse Daily V-Fresh liners are designed with patented Curve Fit™ to fit a woman's unique curves for daily intimate comfort. 

The campaign also featured a new product, Maximum Security Panties which provides optimum coverage for maximal security.

Get Your Fit today by completing this short quiz at

The "Get Your Fit" campaign will visit various locations nationwide to fit more Malaysian women. Look out for the Libresse truck to experience the perfect fit first-hand. Check out their truck schedule HERE.

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Vanei Koh awhh.! Finally got right fit for pad

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