Is 50 Cent Suing This Food Hawker For Using His Name To Sell Nasi Lemak?

Is 50 Cent Suing This Food Hawker For Using His Name To Sell Nasi Lemak?
Jul 12, 2019
10:58 am

By S. Gul

Disclaimer: Some mild food porn up ahead. I suggest eating before reading further. You've been warned.

Let's talk food peeps.

Now, who doesn’t like a mean nasi lemak every once in a while.

It's a prized food of Malaysia which we all have bought at least once in our lives, while in the country. 


In Butterworth stands a food stall selling out-of-this-world 'cucur udang' (prawn fritters), spring rolls and other mouth-watering snacks to turn us into snaccs. 

(Please don't hate me..)

However, those snacks take a backseat when it comes to the mega-famous 50 cent nasi lemak.

Ok, so it has nothing to do with the rapper 50-cent but I mean, he would be proud if he knew.  

The man behind it all, Wong Kum Soon, 48, opens his hawker stall at 7.00AM, which brings in a wave of people asking for the famous nasi lemaks.

It includes eggs, salted fish, prawns or anchovies.

30 minutes from opening is all it takes for the crowd to storm the stall and he sells his other food items till around 3.00PM.

Wong mentioned that 500-650 nasi lemaks get sold everyday.

Wait, he actually made that much before 7.00AM?

I can barely make my morning cup of joe without spilling some milk, with eyes barely open.  

Wong’s story is that he used to be the regional sales manager for a company in KL but decided to move to his woman’s hometown (aww) eight years ago when the business world got too much to handle. 

Dude, we are so glad you chose to open this wicked cool food stall. Happy tummy, happy life. 

Vanei Koh Lekko my favourite!

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