The Grab Driver Snap Has Begun...Drivers Vanishing From The Face Of The Earth!

The Grab Driver Snap Has Begun...Drivers Vanishing From The Face Of The Earth!
Jul 12, 2019
2:26 pm

By S. Gul

Oh Grab, it is sad to see you like this.

The thrill of your car reaching within minutes and entering the air-conditioned car will take a tad bit longer now, folks. Can’t say we didn’t call it though, I mean...

Click HERE to read about it....

Grab drivers have reduced on the streets and not because Thanos’s actual Gauntlet is in KL (it seriously is - check out wink wink) and someone managed to do "The Snap" but due to the new e-hailing regulations.  

Sad to say that the less active Grab drivers starting 12 July means ride prices are gonna increase.

Supply and demand is a b*tch people. 

Peak hours are bound to be the most expensive time to order a Grab-the time we really need it. Sighh..

Grab says rainy weather and possibly dodgy looking secluded areas could make the numbers fly up too (the fare price I mean).

The Malaysian Gov had set the new rule of e-hailing cars needing a PSV licence. Yup, the ones taxi drivers need.

Here is a list of A PSV license :

1. A six-hour training session at driving centres 

2. RM200 for the PSV licence itself

3. Initial and annual vehicle checks at Puspakom centres

4. Pass criminal background

5. Medical checks

6. Contribute to Socso

7. Purchase e-hailing add-on car insurance

8. Equip their cars with safety gear, including fire extinguishers. (Holy moly, in a car?!)

All of this would add up to around RM1000! 

Oh boy, that's a whole lotta cash. 

Phew. No wonder drivers are quitting,and I don’t blame em. 

You bet the Grab passengers and driver are gonna have a lot to talk about during rides.


So what you can get off from this is to plan your trips in advanced. Yes yes, you will have to wake up early to catch the bus coz Grab might not be there for ya. Or find a buddy with a car and catch a ride to the nearest train station.

Comment down below your game plan.

Vanei Koh !! ><

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