3 Priceless Gifts 100% Guaranteed To Impress.

3 Priceless Gifts 100% Guaranteed To Impress.

By S. Gul

Most of us millennials have forgotten the art of hand-crafted gifts.

How special it is to hand something to someone who will appreciate the thought of you going through the trouble of making it from scratch. 

Let’s be real here, hand-made things in artisan shops can be super costly. 

I understand searching for the supplies, buying them then making them can be time and money consuming.

Well, here are 3 budget-friendly ideas listed for your convenience. 

1. Food Bouquet

The ingeniousness is self explanatory!  How could you ever go wrong with food.

Choose the person you wanna gift’s favourite snacks and bouquet-fy them! Yes, I just made the word up, but it makes sense..

Chocolates seem like the easiest to bouquet-fy right? Not by a long shot yo.

Chocolates tend to melt even by the heat from your fingers/hands.

Believe me, the shapes of the chocolates do not remain the same. 

Solution? Work inside the fridge. Empty a shelf or two out to make a workstation in there to keep your chocolates cool and solid. 

If your main squeeze prefers savoury snacks like some cucurs, spring rolls or good ol’ fried chicken, that’s doable too!

Of course they have to be cooled to room temp and drained from oil. Wouldn’t want any burns during our crafts sesh. 

Making a food bouquet is like fancy belanja-ing but instead of a fancy pants restaurant, you give them their fav food in a fancy wrap (wrap...get it?)


2. Crochet Knick Knacks

Fret not! Nothing to fear but fear itself! (Will Smith da mannn).

This can be a basic, average or advanced gift depending on which project you wish to tackle. 

As for the yarn, there are a bunch of shops on sites like Shopee and Lazada which sell a ball of yarn for RM3-ish.

One of the shops that sell yarn and crochet hooks is Aura Mariam Closet on Shopee. They have super soft wool and so cheap!

*facepalm* I meant this wool:

Pro tip: Check which crochet hook you’ll need for each project coz they do vary. 

There are a bunch of tutorials on youtube but these are a few of the easiest projects which you can customize based on your peeps’ fav show! 

Take for instance, Harry Potter fans will be easy to please. Why, just make their favourite house’s scarf! 

In keeping with the food theme, who wouldn’t squeal in delight when they open this box of doughnuts! Sadly, not edible ones though.  

Or if you feel adventurous, this advanced amigurumi crochet project is just too cute to pass on. 

After making them, you don’t need to wrap them up as they are too precious to hid! 


3. Personalized Canvas Paintings

This is a real money saver you guys, coz you can stock up on your supplies and get a present ready the night before!

Things you’re gonna need:

- Canvas (Daiso has cute sizes at their standard price of RM5.90)

- Paint (A pack of 12 piece China Xingda Tempera Paints from Mr DIY will cost ya around RM8.40 but usable for so many projects, so consider it an investment. An added bonus- they’re washable)

- Paint brushes (optional, coz you could use your fingers or the soft part of a dish sponge)

- Fan (depends on how late you forgot about the gift)

All you do is come up with a deep and meaningful message you’d want to present to your person of gifting and show it through some art.

Pinterest could help you out if art isn’t in your blood, it will still be as special. 

 After you’re done with your masterpiece, you could leave it out to dry or if in a rush hit it with that fan boo!

Remember to cap back your paints to keep them from drying out!


These are some ideas, there are a million ways y'all can upgrade these basic ideas into something more magical. This list will 100% guarantee you won't be missing out on giving a gift for your next partay!

Do comment below which project you tried out and which you need some time to get over the fear of?

Vanei Koh <3

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