NOOO! Tomb Raider's Simon Yam Stabbed In The Back...Or Rather In The Front!

NOOO! Tomb Raider's Simon Yam Stabbed In The Back...Or Rather In The Front!
Jul 22, 2019
4:16 am

By S. Gul

Just look at that rugged face!

How could someone do such a thing to his beautiful abs?! Oh the HORROR!

Our favourite villain, Chen Lo from the 2003 Hollywood film 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life' was STABBED, on a trip to Zhongshan, China two days ago (20 July 2019).

While speaking on stage as a guest at the promotional event in the South city, Simon was attacked by a random a** dude from the audience.

What a way to cut someone off and gotta be one of the rudest.

Check out the video to see it all unfold for yourself. 

The 64-year-old hunk (hubba hubba kiss) was stabbed by who we'd presume to be an amateur "killer", with his weapon of choice -- a damn fruit knife!  

The punk then had the audacity to lash out at Simon again and again, while poor Mr. Yam is seen clutching his abdomen (obvz he got hit) and dodging the deadly swings.

Like where the heck are his bodyguards yo?! He's an A-list actor and no protection?! DAHECK?!

The attacker, 53-year-old Chen (not Lara Croft?), was then held down by security and get this - he apparently suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

Can’t tell if it’s part of China’s plan for damage control or if this is for reals. 

The stab left Yam, surprisingly still conscious and alive (hallelujah!) and was rushed to the nearest hospital to get patched up. 

Yam underwent a minor operation which took no time at all.

Now even though this incident had someones life at stake (our Simon’s), some want to test our faith in humanity. 

A message has been going around claiming some real bogus sh*t about how Simon did not have his wallet with him and was asking people to raise 100,000 yuan (RM59,716) for the stab’s operation.

Really...the scammers couldn't come up with anything better? That's Simon Yam, you'd think he only carries cold hard cash? Oh lordy, and God bless those who actually donated, your devotion is commendable.

So don’t reply and for goodness sakes, don’t send any money!

"My" Simon (yes, I am staking claim) can handle the financial “blow” so do not fret, my peeps!


Fans can get a bit loco when they see their idols, but have some self-control and instead, channel all that energy into asking them any questions you have and share how they impacted you, or maybe even ask for a role in their next upcoming films or projects. Hewhew

Anyway, the last we heard is that Simon is back in Hong Kong and has been admitted into intensive care unit at Adventist Hospital.

After the medical report was released, it was stated that Simon suffered minor damage to his internal organs and four fingers on his right hand.

We just pray for a well and speedy recovery!


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