Honestbee Banning Themselves From Delivering Food And Groceries.

 Honestbee Banning Themselves From Delivering Food And Groceries.
Jul 22, 2019
10:13 am

By S. Gul

Honestbee has been in our lives from 2017..and it's sad to see them go so shall be missed old (technically new) friend...

OK,'s not like it's a breakup...we're just going on a break...

Honestbee announced that they will temporarily suspend both food and grocery delivery services in Malaysia starting from July 22 until further notice. 

When asked the big WHY question….Honestbee confirmed that there had been delays in their employees getting paid surprised after a certain number were laid off in May of 2019. Yikes...

Honestbee HQ decided to stop their services in MY for the time being to stabilize their financial status.

You’d think the entire Honestbee quarters’ employees are to get laid back or suspended as well, but that ain’t the case!


Full timers of Honestbee will still have their jobs (oh sweet lord have mercy) whereas riders and shopper bees will have the luxury of diving into other companies to expand their minds, grow and learn more. 

Honestbee shall be waiting at the other end of the tunnel to welcome them back after they get their piggy banks in a row. 

But wait! OMG!!! What if you’ve subscribed to Honestbee? Oh Cr*ap! How are you gonna get your money back?! 

Relaxxx….just wait for a notification from them and expect your refunds back with ease. Worst case scenario, they don't contact you, so just drop them a call through their customer service or an email. 

Regarding their money issues, the CEO and chairman of the board at Honestbee headquarters, Brian and the group leadership team at Honestbee had been busy bees (get it?) with fundraising and tactics like that to try boosting their success and bring some more cash in. 

Seems like a sign of desperation tbh. Doesn’t look like Honestbee will be coming back to Malaysia anytime soon.

Not trying to be a DebbieDowner but money is a massive thing to need in a business and if the business itself isn’t bringing in the revenue needed to run it….then you in deep sh*t, plain and simple.


With Honestbee temporarily out of the way...another startup company is in the making- I feel it in my bones. Or maybe it's just my bad knee acting up again...who can tell.

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