Suitcases Instead Of Coffins - New Money Saving Strategy?

Suitcases Instead Of Coffins - New Money Saving Strategy?
Jul 23, 2019
10:38 am

By S. Gul

The work of Bomba is tough, you guys.

The things they see during their work have to leave a deep psychological scar in their minds and this is another gruesome news to add to their list of nightmares. 

On July 19, around 7.30 pm, a dead body was found scrunched up and locked inside a luggage bag then thrown under a bridge in Bau, Kuching. See? How could seeing something like this not mess with your head...

The person who initially found the body was a guy fishing nearby the river when he saw the bag - more importantly smelt the nasty decaying odour. I genuinely feel sick just imagining the smell. 

Thinking there was money, stolen goods or bars of gold in the bag (I would’ve too) the man was shocked to find blood leaking out of the bag when he tried to bring it up the river bank. Bad sign, BAD SIGN..

After realizing the situation was more dire than he could handle, the bomba were called to the scene of the crime.

The first thing they did was drag it up the bank and open the suitcase -oh good lord I don't think I can go any further..*feels faint*

*Breathes deeply* Okay...So the two by three feet luggage had inside a dead body with a blindfold around its eyes and with his head, hands and feet bound with yellow adhesive tape and the beating he got before his death adds the icing on top.

No pics of that guys, phew..

The poor soul found in the bag was allegedly the missing owner of a tailor shop in Tun Jugah Mall in Kuching. His family had been putting up posters up on social media (coz paper posters don’t work - no one on the streets anymore) when his phone was found unreachable. 

The wife of the deceased identified the body at the Sarawak General Hospital morgue through his shirt, pants, belt, socks and shoes.

Does that mean what we wear matters more than we think? 

Back to the story...

The main question comes to mind: Who are the possible culprits?

Well, a 28-year-old man was taken into custody as a person of interest by the Kuching popo.

He was taken in for questioning and ended up behind bars when he was found to be the last person seen with the victim IN THE SAME CAR!

The popo better check cars nearby registered to the tailor and the 28 year old for some clues or evidences.

Phew, I’m starting to sound like a PI myself. Maybe I ought to join the popo team. On second thought, maybe not - their cleaning crew would get fed up with all my puking. 


This news goes to show how looney people can be in this world and never go on a car ride with someone whose first pet’s name you don’t know. 

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