Great White Sharkes Prefer Men -- Yay for Women Surfers?

Great White Sharkes Prefer Men -- Yay for Women Surfers?

by Mitchell W.

Here's when science levels up the ladies over the men -- when it comes to Shark Bites: Man vs Woman.

On this particular subject, we're not talking about all sharks.

We're talking about the papa, the big boy, the predator of the under-water (couldn't say underworld now could I?)...

The Great White.

FUN FACT: A Great White's Best season for Man-Eating is in the Fall (Autumn).

A Great White's feast of choice, male surfers.


Who knows...

Already well-seasoned with salt perhaps?

Maybe Great Whites are gay and crazy for those rock hard abs?

Ever thought that maybe that's why sharks taste so good?

Would we be categorized as cannibals for eating sharks then?

We're practically consuming human flesh...and other stuffs(?)

Back to the point; according to scientific research entries in the Daily Star journal, sharks are not equal-opportunity attackers.

93% of shark attacks have been on men... and, in particular, surfers.

Locations of shark attacks are most commonly within 6 feet of the surface and within 100 feet of the shore -- so you'd know where NOT to be.

Ladies, you're safe...for now.

At least till these sharks decide that you're tasty enough to be eaten.

Perhaps they're not a fan of period blood(?)...or silicone breast implants in their meal(?)

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