CAREER INSIDER: Ex Stewardess Exposes ALL!

CAREER INSIDER:  Ex Stewardess Exposes ALL!

by Iman K.

Don’t they just look fabulous and beautiful in their tight hugging uniforms?

Strutting through the cabin with a smile that could kill, hair as high as the KL tower and legs as long as Kendall Jenner’s with not a care in the world and you’d probably think to yourself I could do that?

...but little do you know the struggles of being an air stewardess.

People often have a set perception of how a stewardess’ life is, and I don’t blame them, movies often portray an air stewardess’s life to be that of luxury and ease, filled with adventure and travel.

The truth is behind the glitz and glamour, lies a grueling and stressful lifestyle.

Yes, we do get the privilege of having nasi lemak for breakfast in Malaysia and pasta for dinner in Italy... but we do work hard for that pasta.

We had to serve at least 300 people on a 12-hour flight with a big a** smile plastered on our faces the entire time.

The servicing industry is definitely not easy, where we’re taught to believe that customers are always right.

The truth is that customers aren’t always right but even so, we’re forced to fake it till we make it and apologize for their mistakes.

I believe stewardesses should be awarded an Oscar for their tremendous acting skills while working. Leonardo DiCaprio who?

Remember that incident when an overweight passenger forced EVA Air flight attendants to wipe his backside?

Mind you, crew members are not obliged to accept demands deemed inappropriate from passengers. Yet, we still do it.

Stewardesses are always associated with having the best night life, club hopping from country to country.

Little do you know, 80% of the time we’re too tired from the flight to do anything of the sort.

So rather than getting lit and wasted, we end up ordering room service for one served with a side of Netflix and chill.

Next, let’s get this whole “Mile High Club” thing out of the way...

Sorry to break it to you but not all stewardesses are members of the club and not all of us would be interested in initiating you into the club.

You are going to have to collect a big number of points to make it there.

Pro-tip: Please put on your shoes when entering the lavatory. It is a plane, not your house.

God knows and I know, the amount of disgusting things I have had to scrub off the floor and they were not pretty.

Now people, it is possible to have a functional relationship with a stewardess cause at the end of the day, your job does not define you as a person. Your morals and values do.

That being said, I’ve seen stewardesses cry in front of me due to failed relationships from trust issues and as soon as a passenger walks by, those tears dry up along with her problems just to give you the best flight of your life.

I may be painting a very bleak and dark perception of the jet setter life but I am just here to tell you that we are only human and we are no different from you.

We get tired, we have our bad days but trust me, when I say we do put our heart and soul into our jobs.

Despite what’s been said, I would not trade my 3 years of flying for anything.

I loved my job and a good day at work meant putting a smile on my passenger’s face.

Think about this the next time you dine out or catch a flight somewhere.

I am trying to tell you that half the time our perceptions of people are usually very far from the actual truth.

The best way to treat a person is to treat them how you would like to be treated.

The world would definitely be a better place if we were nicer to each other.

So, drop a text to your friends and ask them how they're doing emotionally, physically and mentally.

Be nicer to the waiter.

Clean after yourself.

It’s nice to be important BUT... it’s important to be nice.

Here's 2 Career Advices from someone who has had a fair share of career changes.

1. It’s okay to not know what you want to do, especially for fresh graduates.

It’s normal.

For myself, trial and error did the job for me.

I was open to trying almost anything and everything until I eventually found something that stuck.

I believe at the end of the day, pick something that you’re passionate about and you will excel.


2. Financial planning is very important.

Always save up for a rainy day, because you never know when a storm might hit.

Money isn’t everything but it is definitely something.

People don’t know this but our flying allowance is what makes us money, our basic isn’t much. We do work for our money.

You don’t need to marry a rich high flyer but that’s an option...

You can either marry rich or be rich. The choice is yours!

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