Little Animal-Lover Raises Funds for Strays by Selling Her Homemade Waffles.

Little Animal-Lover Raises Funds for Strays by Selling Her Homemade Waffles.

It's pretty rare to find someone so young to be passionate about something and actually take action to see it through.

11-year-old Caitlyn Tang has love for animals, and we don't mean just those cute house pets that you'd expect a young girl like her to want...instead, she is even caring for the strays!

During the free-time that she's enjoying now away from school cause of the MCO, she has dedicated the time to start a little food business that would earn her money to feed the strays that are left without shelter.

This is a business that everyone would love...RM3 WAFFLES!

"I've had lots of time to experiment making desserts during this MCO. One day, I made waffles and decided to give some to my neighbour. He commented on how yummy they were and told me I should sell them... And that's what I did! I can now get funds to donate to the shelters," says the young Penangite.

Image from Caitlin Tang

Not only does little Caitlyn make some delicious waffles, she also designed her own business poster and came up with the costing all on her own!

Someone call Steve Harvey and get her on 'Little Big Shot'!

11-Year-Old Girl Is Selling Waffles During MCO To Raise Funds For ...

"My school, St. Christopher's, taught us a subject on entrepreneurship and I was really interested in it. We had to create our marketing plan, find the right product to sell, and do our own costing for Market Day. That knowledge coupled with what my dad always shared with me really helped me a lot," she says.

Luckily, she is well-supported by her parents - who helped her create an e-commerce site for her to run the business online.

Her parents would also help out by doing all the deliveries while she handles the business from where she works best -- the kitchen.

Since launching her Waffle Business 10 days ago (19 APRIL), Caitlyn has already raised RM2,364!

Mind you...she's ONLY 11.

Image from Caitlin Tang

Inspired by her drive and passion to help those poor fur-buddies on the streets, she would often get a "HUGE" tip too.

"The most sales I've had in a day was 12 orders for 46 waffles! But the craziest thing was when one of my customers decided to give me RM1,000 instead of RM28 for eight waffles!"

Image from Caitlin Tang

We give Caitlyn our full support and we hope to see her succeed.

Maybe MCO does bring out the Good in some of us after all.

Well Done Caitlyn!

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