TACO BELL Opening in Petaling Jaya Soon!

TACO BELL Opening in Petaling Jaya Soon!
Jul 1, 2020
4:23 pm

Most Gen-Y would've already heard of Taco Bell, a Mexican-inspired fast food joint that is hugely famous in California.

It's a pretty common spot for your fav American YouTubers to eat at.

Taco Bell to offer 21 menu items for $1 in 2020

Admit that at some point, when you watch a whole lotta people walking into Taco Bell and raving about how good the foods are, you must've had that craving to try.

Good news then cause Taco Bell is already in Malaysia and it's first ever store will be in Petaling Jaya!

There's been no confirmation yet on an official date for the grand opening but least when it opens, you can finally satisfy your curiousity eh?

Be sure to save up tummy space when it opens cause there's a large variety of must-haves, including a wide range of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nacho bowls, some of it loaded with cheese!

Taco Bell (Drive in Plaza) Delivery | Bayamón | Uber Eats

"Live mas."

It means "Live More".

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