Passenger Suspected to Have Covid-19 During A ‘Cruise To Nowhere’ in Singapore

Passenger Suspected to Have Covid-19 During A ‘Cruise To Nowhere’ in Singapore
Dec 14, 2020
1:14 pm


Imagine after staying indoors for almost 4-5 months and you finally have the opportunity “travel” and only to have a Covid-19 scare. Yup, this just happened in Singapore.


A Singapore cruise ship to nowhere was forced to turn back after an elderly passenger tested false positive for Covid-19.

The incident happened on 9 December and it was reported that all the passengers on-board the Quantum of the Seas were advised to stay in their cabins for more than 16 hours as medical authorities were conducting contact tracing.

Imagine booking your trip and only to have this incident happening.


Image via The Straits Times


The 83-year-old man initially tested positive for COVID-19 as he reported that he had diarrhoea.

As the ship returned to the port, the man was taken off the ship and undergone two more tests.

The national Public Health Laboratory conducted a final test with a fresh sample and the man came back as negative on 10 December.

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It was been confirmed by the Singapore’s Health Minister that the man was not infected with Covid-19. They had also revoked the quarantine orders of those who were in close contact with the man.


All 1,680 guest abord the cruise ship had been screened for Covid-19 before the cruise began on 7 December.

All passengers disembarked the ship at 7:30pm on 9 December.

During the period of the 16-hour quarantine in their rooms, the captain even made an announcement to explain the situation to the passengers as the cruise ended a day earlier than expected.

Listen to the announcement here:


ImageviaThe Straits Times


All passengers on-board even wore a tracelet which helps monitor movements for safe distancing.

In addition, all passengers will be offered a cash refund for the day missed for their trip along side the ships on board credits.  In addition, passengers will receive a days’ worth of Future Cruise Credit for their future trip.

The ‘cruise-to-nowhere’ is opened to Singapore residents only and is organized by Royal Caribbean.


If Malaysia were to offer a cruise to nowhere, would you go for it even though we are in the middle of this pandemic? Let us know!




Credits to Says for the initial coverage.

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