New Messenger App To Take Over Whatsapp?

New Messenger App To Take Over Whatsapp?
Jan 11, 2021
3:28 pm

Word on the block is Whatsapp is about to roll out their new privacy policy which is shared with Facebook.

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And in typical internet fashion, all it took was two words from the most “iconic memer” on the internet to get people to start moving on to the messaging app called Signal.


That’s right, Elon Musk’s tweet had caused the app to have delays in sending out verification codes due to the sudden spike of its new users coming in.

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The tweet alone had gained 41.2K retweets and 9.6K quotes and a whopping 318.7K likes.


Signal’s official twitter page had also voiced as they are experiencing high volume of users and told everyone to hang in there.


What do you think? Would you switch over to Signal from Whatsapp? Let us know in the comments!




Credits to TechNave for the initial coverage.

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