Burmese Hunk Blows Up on Internet after Becoming Monk for 10-Days

Burmese Hunk Blows Up on Internet after Becoming Monk for 10-Days

If you’ve been scrolling through social media or simply browsing through the net, chances are you’ve come across an extremely handsome and young looking monk. I’m sure a lot of you were thinking, who is this dude? I wanna know more! Since when do monks look this good?

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It is definitely way too good to be true because this hunk is actually a famous Burmese model! (Off topic but doesn’t he remind you of EXO’s Kai?!).

He made headlines around the internet as pictures of him wearing a red robe with his head shaved left netizens in awe at his natural beauty.

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He mentioned in his Instagram that he was going to join a monastery for 10 days.

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On Tuesday, 12 January, he posted photos of himself carrying out his duties and going about his routine. In an Instagram caption he wrote, “Spent my New Year 2021 by being a monk for 10 days and I felt so peaceful and knew myself more".

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Paing Takhon is a 25 year-old male model who hails from Myanmar and is also the face for big brands such as Oppo, Sunkist, and Telenor in his country.

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He is also an actor who has appeared in movies such as Bad Boys 2 and Midnight Traveller. If he doesn’t already sound perfect enough, Paing happens to be an animal lover and is often seen helping strays and enjoying the company of different animals (Can I please marry him??).

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To end this article, feast your eyes on these pictures of Paing Takhon before stalking his Instagram (you’re very welcome~).

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Image via RedChili21 MY


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Credits to SAYS for the initial coverage.

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