COVID Patients Setup Crowdfund for Boy Who Lost His Father

COVID Patients Setup Crowdfund for Boy Who Lost His Father
Jan 19, 2021
2:16 pm

It is no surprise that a lot of us are deeply affected during this COVID-19 season.

Losing jobs and being away from family and friends are just a few issues that some of us unfortunately have to face (stay strong).

But, what if you’re an 11-year-old kid who lost your dad to the virus?.

This is the heartbreaking story of Mohd Nor Atho’ullah Bin Mohd Kamil who was sent to the quarantine centre at MAEPS Serdang after his father tragically passed away due to COVID-19.

Image via @khairulFBI’s Twitter


Khairul Fahmi Ibrahim (@KhairulFBI) took to Twitter and shared a video he documented of Atho’ullah.


Translation: “This little man lost his father due to Covid. How would you feel to lose someone and not being able to see or hold them?. So please, stay safe everyone! Please stay at home” Fahmi tweeted.

Fahmi and his friends felt a deep urge to help the boy and so, their kind hearts started crowdfunding to help his family during this difficult time (bless their souls!).

Image via @khairulFBI’s Twitter


The video footage showed Fahmi and his friends encouraging the little boy, accompanying him around with a bag as they asked people for donation. Many patients were very supportive as some donated while others gave gestures of encouragement to comfort the boy.

If any of you kind souls would like to contribute to this sweet boy, here are the banking details as provided by Fahmi in his Twitter video.

Name: Nur Kamilatul Alifah
Bank acc: Maybank (162021615921)


Good job to Fahmi and friends for being so compassionate and caring during this difficult time. We need more people like them in this world!


Credits to World of Buzz for the initial coverage.

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