Japan Constructs 23ft Gorilla to Ward-off COVID-19

Japan Constructs 23ft Gorilla to Ward-off COVID-19

With the number of cases rising in Malaysia, many of us have taken all sorts of precautionary measures to combat the virus. Sanitizing/washing our hands every other hour, staying home as much as we can, eating more supplements, drinking lots of water—the list is endless.

(suddenly, everyone is a germaphobe)

However, one such country has taken precautionary measures to the next level by building a gigantic gorilla statue in an effort to scare away the virus.


According to the Daily Star, villagers of Chikuzen in Fukuoka, Japan build the massive 23ft gorilla statue out of steel and straw due to the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in the country.

Image via Kyodo News


To make the statue look more realistic, the gorilla’s eyes glow red at night as seen in the video below by YouTuber, ponpoko2006jp.


It is called the ‘Giant Straw Scarecrow Gorilla: Proud Gorilla 2020’.

The statue was completed last December 2020 and will be around until the end of this month. Many visitors have been flocking to the village since it’s completion.

The statue’s purpose is to curb the spread of Covid-19 and it is believed that gorillas symbolizes power and strength in the face of adversity.

We hope Mr. Gorilla will do his job in fighting the COVID-19 enemy and keeping the villagers safe!. On a more serious note, continue sanitizing, washing hands, and wearing face masks whenever needed!



Credits to World of Buzz for the initial coverage.

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