PEMERKASA: 2 million youths are getting RM150 in their e-Wallet

PEMERKASA: 2 million youths are getting RM150 in their e-Wallet

Imagine being at home doing nothing, and suddenly RM150 is added to your e-Wallet. Isn’t that a wonderful dream? 

Except it is the reality for two million youths in Malaysia. How awesome is that?!

(this will be me when I get the RM150)


On the 17th March, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced the Program Strategik Memperkasa Rakyat dan Ekonomi (PEMERKASA) in an effort to help and support Malaysians during the pandemic. 

(Image via Berita Harian)


Under the PEMERKASA plan, the eBelia programme has been upgraded to benefit two million youths in Malaysia. With an allocation of RM300 million, he announced that every eligible youth will be getting RM150 credited into their e-Wallet account, as opposed to RM100 in the original plan. 

According to the Prime Minister, this plan was introduced in hope to promote and encourage a cashless society, especially between youths aged between 18 - 20 years old, and are studying full time at higher education institutions (both public and private institutions).

During the last announcement however, the programme has been extended to also cover students aged above 20.

This programme is expected to start in June 2021, and the credit will most probably be disbursed through the same method as eTunai Rakyat, and ePenjana programme. More details about the programme are expected to be disclosed by the Ministry of Finance soon.

I’m already imagining all the movies I get to see with the money! (And books!!) I guess it’s time to say “Thank you, Abah!”.


Read the Prime Minister’s full text speech here.


Thank you to our intern Asiah for the write-up!

Credits to Soya Cincau for the initial coverage.

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