#RIPFootball : 12 of Europe’s Biggest Football Clubs Agree Towards The Creation Of A New Super League

#RIPFootball : 12 of Europe’s Biggest Football Clubs Agree Towards The Creation Of A New Super League
Apr 20, 2021
2:20 pm

Everyone loves spending the night watching football with your family and friends, whether it being at the mamak or even at home (most likely at home thanks to Covid now).

Yesterday, the football world all united together and claimed the “death of football” as #RIPFootball was trending.

As Europe has some of the biggest football teams out there, everyone was sad to see that 12 of the major European football clubs announced the creation of a European Super League (ESL). This new league formed seen huge consequences for all professional footballing landscapes.

As of now, these are the clubs involved as they stretch from the English Premier League (EPL), Lal Liga and the Italian League – Serie A.

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As of now, there has been no announcement of any clubs from Germany, France or any other European countries joining this new league. But it is to be expected another 3 clubs will be joining as they seek to start the season as soon as possible.

How does this new league work?

As football requires 20 teams a league, the ESL will see 15 founding teams as the permanent teams and 5 teams to be invited to compete according to a merit system. The 20 teams can also be divided into two to perform a round-robin format. The games will all be played during the mid-week.

From each group formed, 8 teams of the highest point tally will qualify for the next phase of the tournament. Knock out brackets will also be used to determine the competition winner.

Image via Mashable SEA


Conflicting Tournaments

As the league is meant to run alongside other leagues and tournaments, it does have a clash in the two biggest tournaments which are the Champions League (UCL) and Europa League which are both run by Union of European Football Association (UEFA).

Image via Sky Sports


Both these leagues are played during the middle of the week with a similar knock-out format as all the elite teams clash out for the trophy. With the formation of the new ESL league, the UCL is due to see an overhaul for their competition format soon.

Due to the announcement of the ESL League, an issue regarding status quo was raised by FIFA, the English Football Association (FA), and Spain's Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF).

In tradition, teams are awarded spots to the league from each major European football league for the UCL and the best teams will advance to the Europa League.

What problems does this bring?

ESL seeks to become a direct replacement to UEFA which creates qualifying to tournaments invalid. Teams will no longer need to battle for a top table finish anymore. This is considering that there'd be nothing to be gained from not finishing first.

Image via The Telegraph


Sad to see that the founding 15 teams will be given a yearly invite as a fixed team in the league whereas the other hundreds of clubs will have a handful of slots to compete against Europe’s finest.

The issue with big teams playing in ESL will be the lack of “attractiveness” to the league as there won’t be many big names to attract global viewers. This also brings the topic of connection to revenue which is what drives football from players large paydays and even broadcasting deals.

Did you know that broadcasting of the UCL alone had gained US$2.8 billion (RM 11.52 billion) in broadcasting rights alone? Even in the Premier League, teams receive a base payment of US$ 44 million (RM181 Million) which will also have further add-ons depending on end-season performance.

How will ESL be stopped?

Currently there are a few legal positions which could threat ESL.

One method of stopping them is the big football association such as UEFA to limit the participation of clubs and players.

In a report by Bleacher Report, UEFA president, Alex Ceferin had stated that a ban will be imposed to Super League players and they will not be able to play for Euros and The World Cup.

Image via SB Nation


FIFA has also disagreed on the formation of ESL but will need to consider on the ban upon players not being able to play the world cup.

Image via FIFA


Others had also threatened to ban all participating clubs from other major tournaments, all domestic leagues and cup competitions.

Cord Cutting – Act the Giddy Goat


This will leave AC Milan, Manchester United and Real Madrid with no competitions to play in aside from ESL alone.

Now it’s a battle of who is willing to take the move as this can affect the participation of big teams in the biggest football leagues. Will the big team’s risk losing a spot in playing tournaments entirely as it’s a lost for both ends of the party?

Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. What do you think of the new formation of the ESL? Is it a good move? Let us know.



Credits to FIFA, Mashable SEA and Social Media for the resources.

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