Beware of Fake Pink WhatsApp Scam

Beware of Fake Pink WhatsApp Scam
Apr 22, 2021
12:11 pm

Everyone loves customizing their phones, especially if you’re on Android. Since Android has a vast variety of themes and customizability, some people would think “why not get it changed. What could possibly go wrong?”.

Well, there has been a link spreading around which states that you can make your WhatsApp pink by downloading it.

Animated GIF


Stay away from it, as it has been reported that it is a virus that spreads through an APK download link.


An internet security researcher has taken to Twitter to warn netizens of the spread of the virus.

How do we tell if it’s fake?

Well for starters, the image that pops up on the screen is badly photoshopped image of the chat in a pink theme.

Image via Twitter (@rajaharia)


Editor N: How would you rate this photoshop?
Editor B: 8/10
Editor N: But it’s for a scam…
Editor B: OH, then 2/10

Secondly, the opening image itself shows that the “H” in “WhatsApp” is also missing.

Serious Tv Land GIF by Throwing Shade


Aside from that, the “ad” will also have a download now button which can lead any clueless victim to press on it. Those who tap the button will grant hackers access to their phones.

How do we prevent the hack if someone has clicked into it?

@rajaharia had shared another tweet on what people should do if someone has clicked on the faux link.

1: Uninstall the fake WhatsApp from your device immediately.
2: Logout of all WhatsApp web devices.
3: Clear your browser cache via settings.
4: Go to settings and go to permission for all apps.
5: Remove any suspicious permissions for any app on the device.

Additional information:

The faux application will also “hide” itself after installation. The app seems to integrate itself with your original WhatsApp and users will need to completely uninstall the app rather than just deleting the app.

People need to be more aware of all these fraud devices online as hackers can easily gain your phone number and personal details. They can even lock you out of your own WhatsApp account. If anyone wants to change the theme, its suggested to use the Galaxy store or Play Store on Android to make the changes.


Credits to Soya Cincau, Phone Arena and Social Media for the resources.

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