Domino’s Launches Their New Spicy Fling Pizzas!

Domino’s Launches Their New Spicy Fling Pizzas!

Calling all Pizza lovers! Domino’s are back with a new series of pizza boasting some spice to tingle your taste buds!

Domino’s had paired their popular Top Secret Sauce with some heat on it as they introduce 4 new flavours of pizza and also new sides such as the Spicy Fling Breadstix and Spicy Fling Chicken Wings for customers to enjoy their pizzas with a spicy twist available for a limited time only.

The new Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling pizzas are infused with a unique spicy chilli dressing and is combined with dried garlic chips, imparting a blend that will definitely tingle your taste buds.

The creamy and garlicky Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling is uniquely blended with spicy chilli dressing as well as eight different herbs and spices that will add a flavourful kick to your taste buds


“With a flavourful kick of spice, the Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling is a spicy spin-off of our popular pizzas topped with our signature Top Secret Sauce that is much-loved by Malaysians nationwide. Our Top Secret Sauce is a bestseller and an absolute smash-hit among our fans for its unique blend of cream, cheese and garlic in four different flavours. Understanding Malaysians’ craving for all things spicy, we added a fiery, crunchy new twist by introducing the Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling pizzas and sides” said Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Domino’s Malaysia and Singapore.

Domino’s aims to live up to their promise of “It’s All About You” as they constantly want to satisfy their customers with excellent food quality and experiences. With the new pizzas, it is the best time to tap local Malaysian flavours to bring a new twist to the table.

Enjoy the all-new Spicy Fling Breadstix and Spicy Fling Chicken Wings


Grab em while it’s hot (or spicy)! The pizzas will only be available for a limited time.

Big shout out to Domino’s for sending us pizzas and sides for us to try!


The office gave a verdict and thoughts on the Pizza and here’s what we have to say

Editor B: I give it a 4/5 rating. *thumbs up*

Van: I like the chicken, it’s something different and taste really good!

Thomas: I really like the chicken, it’s as if rendang and tom yam fused together!

Editor N: I had it for buka puasa and for someone who can’t stand spicy food (yes I know, I’m a disgrace to Malaysians ;_;) it was not bad! You won’t have the feeling of a nuclear war going on in the toilet after LOL.

We’ll give it the Gordon Ramsay seal of approval.

Gordon Ramsay Food GIF by Masterchef


Interested to know more? Visit Domino’s website, Facebook and Instagram!

Vanei Koh YEAH NICE~! Thanks Dominos!

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