Two Elephants in Johor Found Dead After Alleged Poisoning from Vegetable Farm

Two Elephants in Johor Found Dead After Alleged Poisoning from Vegetable Farm

Two female elephants were found dead after allegedly ingesting herbicide from a vegetable farm near Kahang Dam Area, Kluang, yesterday (5 May).

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Based on investigations, the carcasses of the elephants were identified to be around five and six years old according to Johor Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) director Salman Saaban.

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The condition of the carcasses tells investigators that the two elephants may have died more than a week ago.

“At about 5pm yesterday, Perhilitan received a public complaint related to the discovery of the two elephant carcasses in a vegetable farm near the Kahang Dam and Kluang Forest Reserve.

“Checks revealed that there were no traces of gunshots found on the elephants,” said Salman in a statement issued last night.

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He added that the dead elephants were most likely to be from a group of around 25 to 30 south-eastern elephants that often search for food around the area.

Several samples had to be taken by the department to fully confirm the actual cause of the elephants’ death before their carcasses were buried at a nearby area yesterday.


Such a tragic incident to have happened to these young and innocent baby elephants. They just wanted to find food to eat. May they rest in peace. Hopefuilly the relevant authorities will do something about this to prevent similar accidents to happen in the future.


Credits to Malay Mail for the initial coverage.

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