Lifehack for Productivity

Lifehack for Productivity
Oct 5, 2018
7:22 am
Lifehack for Productivity
Apps that help you when you're returning to work or college
With that being said, we wanted to highlight some of the best apps we've come across.
Pocket Informant
Sync all information into one place
such as contact, plans, works and more.
Simple, and super helpful.
Voxer, an online walkie-talkie, able to commune
live. Gathering information is no longer a problem,
best thing is no money is required.
Ace Project
AceProject is a tracker that able to check or manage
project end to end. Lazy co-worker or groupmates are no
longer excused. Along with the features of Project
Tracking and Task Management, Timesheet Reporting
and Expense Tracking, Document Sharing and more.
Have you embarrassed yourself in the class or
meeting room? Say no more with Studious! No more
forgetting homework, exams and tasks. It also comes
in silent-mode when class is ongoing.
Asana entitled as being a task list on cracks.
Super organized, easy to learn, making discussion
as easy as ABC.

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