Feel "It" Before You Lose "It".

Feel "It" Before You Lose "It".

by Ain Farzana

Breast Cancer is a common ailment that occurs in women.

It can happen at any point of life and it is important to be aware of the risk factors, regardless of your age.

However, younger women usually don’t think about getting breast cancer as it is a rare case....or is it?

After all, according to statistic by the World Health Organization, 7% of breast cancer in Malaysia occur in women under the age of 35, 45% occur in women under 45 and 48% of the cases occur in women age 50.

...but don't worry! Breast Cancer is BEATABLE!

Click HERE to see who are some of these A-List celebrities who have beaten breast cancer and lived to tell their tales.

A breast self-examination is often used as an early detection method for breast cancer and young ladies are encouraged to start at 18.

Here are some quick tips if you don't know what you're looking out for:

STEP 1: Feel Yourself

  1. Raise your left arm up to the back of your head.
  2. With your right hand, examine your left breast.
  3. Moving your hand around your breast, feel around with your fingers if there any lumps.

*repeat 1-3 with the other side too*


STEP 2: Check Yourself Out

Stand in front of a mirror and look closely at your breast in three positions. Viewing from the right and left as well as facing forward. Check for changes of breast in:

  1. Shape
  • Compare one to another. One breast may normally be larger than the other but sudden changes in size should not occur.
  1. Skin
  • Check for rashes, redness, puckering, dimpling or orange-peel-textured appearance.
  1. Nipples
  • Check for any physical changes such as a sudden inversion, redness, itching or swelling.
  1. Vein patterns
  • Look for a noticeable increase in size or number of veins compared to the other breast.


Breast cancer has a much lower survival rate and a high recurrence rate due to cancer cells having become more widespread.

Breast cancer can be fought by early detection and treatment. You young ladies should be aware of this these symptoms of breast cancer and do the “Breast self-examination” at the end of your monthly period.

To find out more on Breast Cancer Awareness via Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia, click HERE.

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