Albino Modelling is Now a Career.

Albino Modelling is Now a Career.
Feb 10, 2019
8:19 am

by Mitchell W.

I don't know how many of us have dreamt of being a model and the kind of mental and physicaly struggles they go through just to look "glamorous" enough to front the cover of something.

Just imagine Tyra Banks with America's Next Top Model...oh and also Asia's Next Top Model -- so you'll get the picture.

So when you think "MODEL", you'll naturally think of someone totally hot and irresistable right?

Would you find an albino hot and irrestible though?

This is Azfar Firdaus, a 25-year-old Johorean who has gone through many struggles to being recognized as a fashion model.

Azfar was also born partially blind.

Also, there's this stereotype that models are beautiful-but-dumb human beings -- but Azfar here is nothing like that.

Even with his visual disability, Azfar did great in school - scoring 5As in UPSR and 8As in PMR.

“I was lucky to grow up in an enviroment that is accepting and supportive. However I could not go out to play with other kids as the sun could damage my skin, but it's cool because I was never taunted for being an albino."

His interest in fashion modelling kicked off in late 2017 when he realized that he was picking up quite a following on Twitter and Instagram -- especially when people started approaching him for pictures.

"I started freelance modelling for photographers after completing my degree and slowly built up my portfolio."

“I was not comfortable putting myself out there at first but I decided to give it a go as I realised that I had the opportunity that others didn’t.”

I may not know much about modelling but I would see it as a great platform to inspire and change perceptions from how people should be, to accepting people as they are.

Azfar did that when he featured in last month's Glam magazine, and he sure did inspire "different".

“The offer to shoot for the magazine caught me off-guard as I did not expect it to happen that fast. I was nervous at first. I was afraid I would not live up to expectations but I eventually decided to embrace it."

So... with that being said, I'm pretty sure that you don't need to be "DDG" (Drop Dead Gorgeous) or flawless to be a fashion model.

If you're different, even better. You can inspire millions out there to stop hiding who they are from the world, and instead, bring a whole new meaning to being "unique".


Nurmunira Alwani wow azfar!
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